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Masterdor, part of the Synseal Group is a company known for precision engineering, quality construction and for manufacturing doors that last. With 2 door ranges to choose from with over 40 styles between them - and a myriad of beautiful lifestyle colours available - Masterdor is one of the leaders in high quality residential entrance doors

The Masterdor Craftsman is a precision engineered timber door that offers outstanding structural stability. Innovative design has engineered out many of the inherent flaws of traditional timber manufacture. With 22 door styles to choose from and with 21 beautiful lifestyle colours available, Masterdor Craftsman is a truly outstanding door. Masterdor also offers a full range of quality GRP Composite doors that have a long heritage as a respected social housing product. Masterdor also offers a full supply and fit contract service. Please call for more product information or to discuss your project requirements.
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Product catalogue
Range brochure for the Benchmark range of high quality GRP composite doors.
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Product catalogue
A guide to the Craftsman range of precision engineered timber doors.


Masterdor provides goods and services in the following areas:

Trade names

Manse Masterdor
Masterdor Benchmark
Masterdor Craftsman
Masterdor Suredor

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Synseal Group | Masterdor,
Common Road,
Nottinghamshire, NG17 6AD
Tel +44 (0)1623 444341
Fax +44 (0)1623 550243