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Mechanical heating, cooling and refrigeration

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Grant Renewable Package Solutions Brochure
A complete guide to Grant renewable technologies and efficient heat emitters
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FuranFlex25 Local Authority Leaflet
This leaflet explains the advantages of the FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products for local authority chimney and duct lining applications.
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UfAC Design Freedom
An information booklet for architects focused on the application of underfloor air conditioning systems and, explaining how the adoption of such systems can help achieve design freedom, particularl...
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SmartHome Hub for SmartHome Thermostat - ThermoSphere
Connect your ThermoSphere SmartHome thermostats to a wireless network. Use the ThermoSphere app for wireless remote control and connect to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant services to control ...
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InLine Brochure
Zip is a leading supplier of hot water systems thanks to many years of experience within the water delivery market. Our passion for quality and stringent manufacturing standards mean each and every...
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Areas of Application
A carefully considered system from one, market-leading manufacturer should be the first port of call when specifying solutions for tile and stone; products have been designed to work together in pe...
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Manual Control Thermostat - ThermoSphere
ThermoSphere manual thermostats have a sleek glass fascia, designed to look great and provide simple, efficient control of your electric underfloor heating. Adjustable settings including temperatur...
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Programmable Control Thermostat (Wireless) - ThermoSphere
The Wireless version of the programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating. This Lot20 compliant thermostat can be controlled from a mobile with the ThermoSphere app or with the touch sens...
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Programmable Control Thermostat - ThermoSphere
Our programmable include include energy saving features to heat electric underfloor heating efficiently.They are Lot20 compliant and come with functionality which includes; flexible scheduling (7 d...
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Dual Control Thermostat - ThermoSphere
The ThermoSphere dual control thermostat not only controls your floor temperature but can also control your heated towel rail or mirror demister, letting you create an environment of pure luxury. F...
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