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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is a unique, high performance, wood based product. It demonstrates outstanding durability and dimensional stability in the most extreme and challenging environments - exterior as well as interior, wet and high moisture applications. The product uses proprietary acetylated wood technology and a modified fibreboard manufacturing process to create a wood panel with exceptional performance characteristics. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME can be cut, coated, coloured, sanded glued, machined and fastened the same way as other high performing wood fibreboard - allowing users all the freedom normally associated with traditional MDF but in extreme applications. Potential LEED® 2009 credit support: MRc4,5,7 Potential LEED v4 credit support: Materials & Resource


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Extreme durable MDF with exceptional moisture resistance.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings, N10 General fixtures/ furnishings/ equipment, P20 Unframed isolated trims/ skirtings/ sundry items

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