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Mobilane's innovative green systems offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing spaces, even when there is little space. Buildings’ walls, both interior and exterior, roof spaces, corridors and work zones offer plenty of scope for adding greenery to contribute to well being and a more pleasing environment.
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Green Screen
Pre-cultivated plant screen which provides perimeter security.
- Q40 Fencing
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Lightweight modular cassette sustainable living wall system for creating vertical green walls. Water saving, uses capillary action and provides instant coverage.
- Q31 External planting, Q32 Internal and artificial planting
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LivePicture®/ LiveDivider®
Green pictures and room dividers.
- Q32 Internal and artificial planting

Trade names

Green Screens
Green Walls Living
Live Dividers
Mobi Roof Live
Noise Stop
Panel live pictures
Wall Planter
Walls Living Fences

Contact details

Mobilane UK,
16 Upper Woburn Place,
London, WC1H 0AF
Tel +44 (0) 203 741 8049
Fax +44 (0)7711 895 261