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As a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years of experience, Mosa offers unique and distinct tile concepts for walls, floors, facades and terraces. With its distinctive, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles, Mosa contributes to the architectural designs of today and tomorrow. Innovation and design are our core values. In addition, Mosa is committed to upholding sustainable design and production practices based on Cradle-to-Cradle principles.
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Product catalogue
The integral, modular tile programme Terra Maestricht® is fully geared to the requirements that a...
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Product catalogue
Mosa Solids is a specially designed collection that effortlessly balances practicality and streng...
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Product catalogue
Mosa Scenes. A stylish and adaptable range, for fascinating scenes in an effortless, single gest...
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Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection®
A Sixties classic; 100 x 100 mm wall tiles with circular, diagonal and triangular shaped relief.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic
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Global Collection
Range of ceramic wall and floor tiles.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic
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More than white
Wall tile collection in 30 x 60 cm offering a range of style choices including planks and mosaics.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic

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Downley House Mosa Terra Greys Floortiles
Mosa Colors Wall tile collection
Mosa Design Studio London
Mosa reference Catlin Insurance Company, London UK
Mosa reference Jesolo Lido, Italy, JM Architecture
Mosa reference MacNab Terminal Toronto, Canada

Trade names

µ [Mu] - Global Collection / Globalgrip
Softgrip / Softline
Terra Beige & Brown
Terra Greys
Terra Maestricht
Terra Tones

Contact details

Mosa Design Studio London,
56-60 St John Street,
London, EC1M 4HG
Tel +44 (0)203 9363552

Alternative contacts

Asim Mirza - Facades UK
Technical Sales Engineer Facades,
Tel +447522237484
Ben Marshall
Architectural Sales Consultant,
Tel +447834177800
Customer Care
Meerssenerweg 358,
P.O. Box 1026 ,
Tel +442039363552
Damian Hunter
Sales Manager U.K.
Tel +44 7917 276 176
Dean Kemp
Architectural Sales Consultant
Tel +44 7540 418 092
Gareth Parry
Architectural Sales Consultant
Tel +44 7834 451 596
Paul Galvin
Architectural Sales Consultant
Tel +447711009524