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Moy Materials Ltd are Waterproofing, Insulation and Green Roofs Specialists, with offices in Dublin, London and Glasgow. Established in 1978, Moy Materials Ltd. have unsurpassed expertise in all aspects of waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and living roof and wall technologies.
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A synopsis of who we are, where we've come from and what we can do for you, our valued custom...
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Adevapor 35
Reinforced bitumen membranes that can be used as vapour control layers or vapour barriers.
- J41 Reinforced bitumen membrane roof coverings, J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings
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Diadem Extensive Green Roof System On Concrete Deck
Extensive Green Roof system.
- Q37 Green roofs
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Rigid non-flammable perlite foam insulation board.
- J41 Reinforced bitumen membrane roof coverings

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Enkopur Warm Roof System
Paralon Total Green Roof System
Paralon Total Warm Roof System
Paralon Total Warm Roof System
Paralon Total Warm Roof System
Sintofoil TPO Single Ply Warm Roof System

Quality Assurance

Moy Materials Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 09/4688 – 09/4688 Paralon Total Warm Roof System
BBA Certificate 09/4688_1 – 09/4688_1 Paralon Total Green Proof System
BBA Certificate 15/5223 – 15/5223 Enkopur 1k Polyurethane Waterproofing System
BBA Certificate 97/3422 – 97/3422 Rubberfuse Single-Ply Roof Waterproofing Systems using Sintofoil Membranes

Trade names

Enke-Werk Enkopur cold-applied liquid
Enkolan solvent-free cold-applied liquid
Enkryl Enke Multi Protect (EMP)
Fleeceback Single Ply Membrane
Imper Arwenol
Imper Dreno
Imper Elasto-Plastomeric
Imper Elastosint
Imper Imperplus
Imper Italia
Imper Monoplene
Imper Paraflex
Imper Paralon
Imper Sintoflex
Imper Sintoplene
Imper Sintotex
Imper Tecnoflex
Imper Top
Imper Triplene
Imper Unosint
Imper Unovel
Protan AS
Protan EX-A Fleeceback Single Ply Membrane
Protan SE Single Ply Membrane
Protan Titanium Single Ply Membrane
Sintofoil FB
Sintofoil RG Single Ply Membrane

Contact details

6 Mackean Street,
Paisley ,
Glasgow, PA3 1QP
Tel +44 (0)141 8404660

Alternative contacts

Unit K - South City Business Park,
Whitestown Way,
Dublin 24
Tel +353 (0)1 451 9077
6 Mackean Street,
Glasgow, PA3 1RQ
Tel +44 (0)141 840 4660