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Multiwal UK Ltd is a manufacturer and installer of operable walls and folding partitions. Our range includes Multi-Electric automatic room dividers as well as manual moveable walls and glass sliding folding partitions. All our acoustic movable walls are tested and provided with full certification. Our Multi-Electric automatic range of operable walls with special low friction rollers make operating and positioning an easy job no matter how large they are. The automatic system also ensures that seals are always fully extended or fully retracted which, in the event of fire, gives the safety benefit of an assured smoke barrier as well as eradicating the risk of operator damage as a result of seals left halfway extended during operation. Therefore our walls last longer and we offer a 2-year guarantee as standard.
Multiwal installations can be found worldwide; typical applications include schools, civic centres, hospitals, theatres, offices, meeting rooms and conference centres. All our walls are available with pass doors, vision panels and in any colour or finish. The latest addition to our range is the Commandoor, an acoustically rated automatic transparent glass operable wall with full height, full width, flush glass surfaces.
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Multi Electric Commandoor

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Unit B,
Rochdale Central Industrial Estate,
Norman Road,
East Riding/Yorkshire, OL11 4HS
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