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NatraTex is owned by BituChem Asphalt Ltd.

NatraTex Cotswold is made by mixing naturally occurring coloured aggregates with a clear synthetic binder, rather than a black bitumen, which results in producing a range of fully bound surface courses that blend harmoniously with, and complement, the built environment.
NatraTex Colour is more or less the same but we introduce a pigment at the mixing stage to enhance the natural colour of the aggregate to produce a range of vivid, long lasting coloured surface courses which are largely used in play areas or in areas of demarcation.
Both products can be designed to meet various requirements: whether it’s a busy trunk road, a winding parkland path or a private driveway. We have recently introduced NatraTex ColdLay which is used for small patching areas.

NatraTex - a versatile, colourful, innovative company which produces durable surfaces with depth.
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Product catalogue
NatraTex Brochure includes a testimonial, case study and product information covering the whole N...
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10 mm Pre-coated Decorative Chippings
10 mm pre-coated chippings for decorative purposes.
- J21 Mastic asphalt roofing/ insulation/ finishes, Q22 Asphalt roads/ pavings, Q23 Gravel/ hoggin/ woodchip roads/ pavings
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Bitumen Binders
A range of modified and un-modified bitumen binders.
- Q22 Asphalt roads/ pavings
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Bond Coatings
A range of emulsions suitable for bond coating.
- Q22 Asphalt roads/ pavings

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NatraTex ChipTex - Thornbury
NatraTex Colour - Cycleway
NatraTex Colour - Newcastle-under-Lyme
NatraTex Colour - Slough
NatraTex Cotswold - Bath Spa University
NatraTex Cotswold - Bournemouth


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Trade names

NatraTex Colour
NatraTex Cotswold

Contact details

BituChem Asphalt Ltd T/A NatraTex,
Laymore Road,
Forest Vale Industrial Estate,
Gloucestershire, GL14 2YH
Tel +44 (0)1594 826768
Fax +44 (0)1594 826948

Alternative contacts

Fran Smart
Tel +44 (0)7584 278836
Head Office
BituChem Asphalt T/A NatraTex ,
Laymore Road,
Forest Vale Industrial Estate,
Gloucestershire, GL14 2YH
Tel +44 (0)1594 826768
Neil Robinson
Tel +44 (0)7779 268631

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