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Products and Benefits – nora's flooring systems address many challenges posed in the work environment. Due to the durability of nora flooring, you can create an environment that’s comfortable, safe and quiet with every step.
The Markets - Suitable for almost all types of installation. The company is able to recommend floor coverings for various areas of application and valuable tips for the planning and utilisation phases for sustainably appealing buildings.
When time is a decisive factor, nora® nTx is the perfect solution. With nora® nTx you can lay floorings quickly and easily in a few simple steps – with no waiting time. Can also be laid directly on existing surfaces – even with high levels of residual moisture – and can be used immediately.
Maintenance and Service – nora offers a solution free cleaning system and technical assistance from its team.
The Environment – Production methods and all raw materials are subject to high ecological standards, nora products are internationally certified and regularly checked by independent environmental institutes.
nora Flooring Systems provides a palette of more than 260 standard colours and an extensive number of surface patterns that offer architects and designers the opportunity to infuse buildings old and new with striking design elements
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White paper
Specifying flooring to create safer spaces - A guide to minimise slip risks - Understanding slip ...
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Case study
nora impressses in clean rooms test procedures
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Case study
Pure timeless sustainable offices with style.
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Flooring Accessories
Skirtings and angles designed to match norament® and noraplan® floorcoverings.
- M50 Rubber/ plastics/ cork/ lino/ carpet tiling/ sheeting
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nora® nTx
Floor covering with adhesive backing.
- M50 Rubber/ plastics/ cork/ lino/ carpet tiling/ sheeting
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nora® Quickfix Dry Adhesive
Adhesive squares and perimeter tape.

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LB University
926 Satura - Greater Scope for Individual Designs
Allianz Arena
Altwen Hospital
Evelina Childrens Hospital
Foremarke Junior School

Quality Assurance

nora flooring systems UK Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
ISO 9001: 2015 – LRQA
ISO 14001 ISO 14001:2015: 2015 – DQS
BRE Certificate: ENP494 – Certificate of Approval

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nora Steptreads

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4-5 Allerton Road,
Warwickshire, CV23 0PA
Tel +44 (0)1788 513160
Fax +44 (0)1788 552812

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