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Norbord Europe Ltd. are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products. Their products are used extensively in the construction, furniture and DIY sectors.

Norbord is committed to sourcing all of its timber from responsibly managed forests, all of their European manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce products certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards.
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Product catalogue
The UK's number one chipboard flooring panel. CaberBoard technical brochure provides product ...
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Product catalogue
Tough P5 flooring with a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides. This miniature brochure gi...
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Product catalogue
Norbord continues to be a leader in MDF production and development. Caberwood MDF is designed to ...
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P5 particleboard with an acoustic layer to reduce impact and airborne transmitted sound.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings
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A P5 particle board flooring product with a waterproof, peel-off film. For floor laying before the building is watertight.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings
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CaberFloor P5
A particleboard flooring product for humid, domestic and commercial applications.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings

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Caberdek: peel-clean chipboard for a perfect floor
Norbord - Caberwood MDF
Norbord - OSB Timber Frame
Norbord - Roofdek
Norbord - Sterling OSB
SterlingOSB3 is ideal for timber frame housing.

Quality Assurance

Norbord Europe Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 01/3857 – 01/3857 Sterling OSB/3 - flooring, roofing and sheathing
BBA Certificate 02/3934 – 02/3934 Caberdek floor decking
BBA Certificate 11/4848 – 11/4848 Norbord Flooring Boards

Trade names

CaberFix D3
CaberFix D4
CaberFix Joint & Joist
CaberFix Tape
CaberFix X-Treme Tape
CaberFloor P5
CaberWood MDF
CaberWood MDF Industrial
CaberWood MDF Pro
CaberWood MDF Pro MR
CaberWood MDF Trade
CaberWood MDF Trade MR
Sterling Roofdek
SterlingOSB Zero
SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions
SterlingOSB Zero SiteCoat
SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix
SterlingOSB Zero T&G

Contact details

Station Road,
Scotland, FK7 7BQ
Tel +44 (0)1786 812921
Fax +44 (0)1786 817143

Alternative contacts

Tel +44 (0)1769 572991
Tel +44 (0)1463 792424