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Novia Reflex Breather Membrane is a reflective breather membrane that is suitable for use on both roof and wall applications. The membrane is CE approved to EN 13859-1 and EN 13859-2. The membrane can improve insulation calculations by utilising the highly reflective surface within a 25mm airgap. Novia Reflex will also act as an external airtightness barrier.


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Novia Reflex Reflective Breather Membrane
Low emissivity breathable membrane for all insulated walls and roofs.
- H20 Rigid sheet cladding, H21 Timber weatherboarding, H30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding/ covering, H31 Metal profiled/ flat sheet cladding/ covering, H60 Plain roof tiling, H61 Fibre cement slating, H62 Natural slating, H64 Wood shingle and shake roofing, H65 Single lap roof tiling, H67 Metal single lap roof tiling, H92 Rainscreen cladding, K21 Wood strip/ board fine flooring/ linings, M30 Metal lathing/ anchored mesh reinforcement for plastered/ rendered coatings, P10 Sundry insulation/ proofing work

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