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Oscar Acoustics has one of the largest ranges of seamless, recycled acoustic decorative finishes for the control of noise reverberation in buildings. Our acoustic products include SonaSpray acoustic spray and Oscar Elite acoustic plaster and coatings, Evo-Panels (a unique acoustic panel designed specifically for low level in high impact locations such as sports halls and factories), acoustic building blocks, acoustic fins, acoustic thermal loose fill, acoustic thermal treatment for basement car parks, balconies and cantilever buildings, acoustic isolation hangers and soundproofing systems for the prevention of noise transfer between walls and ceilings. Cellulose fibres manufactured by ICC are made from recycled material and are non-hazardous. Manufacturer has ISO 9001 Accreditation and acoustic products are applied by Oscar Acoustics in-house staff with ICC1 qualification for acoustic product installation. Oscar’s acoustic product range includes economical, guaranteed acoustic solutions based upon natural components and fire rated recycled materials. The Oscar Acoustics service includes free acoustic appraisals. We can guarantee that our acoustic products will expand any of the criteria contained within the latest building regulations Part E. Complete acoustic solutions available for all sectors including education and schools acoustics, film, television, music, industrial, office, leisure, entertainment venues and restaurants.
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Case study
This is a case study following the installation of SonaSpray seamless acoustic decorative finish ...
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Product catalogue
Celbar is recycled environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal cavity fill insulation/void fill...
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Product catalogue
EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks have been developed and manufactured in the UK by Oscar Acoustics and C...
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Celbar Loosefill
Recycled cellulose (paper, cotton etc) loose cavity fill. Blown into party walls and floors to fill voids and increase the acoustic barrier performance of existing structures.
- P10 Sundry insulation/ proofing work
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Colinwell EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks
High performance acoustic block. Concrete cellular facing blocks with resonating cavity sound cancellation, resulting in excellent absorption of low frequency sound reverberation and good absorption of mid and high frequency sound reverberation.
- F10 Brick/ block walling
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Oscar Elite
An exceptionally smooth, flat acoustic plaster finish with the appearance of conventional plaster.
- M22 Sprayed monolithic coatings

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1 Mabledon Place - Oscar Elite acoustic plaster
80,000m2 Film Studios - SonaSpray K-13 Black
Black SonaSpray K-13 in stylish office reception
Blavatnik School of Government - SonaSpray fc
Buddhist retreat - SonaSpray fcx
Elite acoustic plaster Ottolenghi Rovi restaurant

Quality Assurance

Oscar Acoustics is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BRE Certificate: EN1365-2 2014 – BRE Global Test Report

Trade names

EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks
Oscar Elite
Oscar Evo-Panel
Oscar Iso-Mount
Oscar Seal
Oscar SoundFin