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General decorative paints and paint preparation materials for internal and external use e.g. emulsions, undercoats.
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Polyurecoat Waterproofing Systems
Polyurecoat is a liquid waterproof membrane, formulated from a unique blend of moisture triggered polyurethane resin to produce a fast curing, seamless, tough and elastic waterproofing system. High...
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Johnstone's Voice of Colour - Colour Card
Voice of Colour is a colour range carefully selected by our PPG colour experts, utilising their in-depth knowledge and expertise. This guide gives you a collection of palettes which are easy to br...
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Dulux Trade Ultra Grip Primer
Dulux Trade Ultra Grip Primer is a water-based two-pack primer, specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion for subsequent coats of paint, when applied to difficult substrates such as glazed...
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Dulux Trade Wood Primer
Dulux Trade Wood Primer is a good, general purpose solvent-based primer suitable for use on all types of soft and hard woods, inside and outside. Wood that is highly resinous should be primed with ...
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Dulux Trade Dry Fall Eggshell
Dulux Trade Dry Fall Eggshell is a high quality, durable, water-based mid-sheen finish for airless spray application to interior ceilings and walls. Overspray dries to a dust before reaching the fl...
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Dulux Trade Polyurethane Varnish
Dulux Trade Polyurethane Varnish is a solvent-based interior varnish which gives a tough and durable finish. It can be used over bare wood and previously stained or varnished surfaces. It withstand...
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