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PermaRend (Render Only) Standard Detail Set - Masonry Walls

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PermaRend Exterior Render Systems (Non-Insulated)
Highly impact-resistant, thin-coat, flexible, breathable, crack resistant exterior render system for use on brickwork, blockwork and concrete surfaces.
- M20 Plastered/ Rendered/ Roughcast coatings
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PermaRock Exterior Render System (Back-ventilated Render Rainscreen) (Non-Insulated)
External render system for back ventilated, pressure equalised, rainscreen (wall) applications and for application onto suitable mineral render carrier boards (walls and soffits).
- M20 Plastered/ Rendered/ Roughcast coatings, M21 Insulation with rendered finish

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PermaRend (Render Only) Standard Detail Set - Masonry Walls

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