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With nearly 40 years of technical experience, PES (UK) Ltd is a world leader in providing high quality engineered products and materials to global Industries, complemented by their specialist design, manufacturing and installation services.

Under their partner brand PINTA they offer various acoustic products and noise protection systems spanning acoustic baffles, ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds, acoustic wall panels and acoustic curtains. As a result, PINTA has evolved into one of the market leaders in the field of acoustics. Their products can easily be adapted to provide effective solutions in practically every environment – from recording studios and office spaces to industrial assembly lines, gymnasiums and swimming pools, noise dampening of classrooms or of excessive noise in large production facilities.

A broad range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes are available, in order to create interior spaces that have a pleasant, soothing effect on both the eyes and the ears.

Every building needs its own individual acoustic solution, regardless of its use and design and that is why every PINTA system is as unique as the room and overall space in which it was used.
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Image gallery

Anechoic Chamber - Ghent University
PINTA Absorber PLANO - Regensburg University
PINTA Absorber PLANO S acoustic baffles - Museum
PINTA Acoustic Ceiling Panels - Corporate HQ
PINTA Balance Art - Office Fitout
PINTA Balance Ceiling Cloud - Dero HQ Breakroom

Trade names

Pinta Absorber Linear
Pinta Absorber Plano S
Pinta Absorber Plano T
Pinta Absorber Rondo Alu
Pinta Absorber Rondo G
Pinta Absorber Rondo S
Pinta Absorber Rondo T
Pinta Absorber Wetroom
Pinta Acoustic Adhesive A2
Pinta Acoustic Adhesive D
Pinta Acoustic Adhesive S
Pinta Acoustic Panel
Pinta Ambient V
Pinta Artwork
Pinta Balance
Pinta Batts
Pinta Cassette Insert
Pinta Expandedline
Pinta Phonestop E
Pinta Phonestop V
Pinta Plano
Pinta Profile System TT
Pinta Pyramid
Pinta Quadroline
Pinta Sonex Curtain BB
Pinta Sonex Curtain BS
Pinta Sportline I
Pinta Squareline
Pinta Waffel

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Leicestershire, LE10 3EZ
Tel +44 (0)1455 251251
Fax +44 (0)1455 251252

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Tel +44(0)1455 251251
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