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PFC Corofil firestops is a trading division of Preformed Components Ltd., and is an integral part of the PFC Group. PFC Corofil firestops was the first manufacturer of passive fire products, leading the way with its attention to detail and technical know-how. PFC Corofil are market leaders in Passive Fire Protection and Intumescent Firestop Products.
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Butyl Tape
Intumescent polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape used to form a fire and airtight seal.
- K10 Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings
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Firebreak Service Transit
Fire-resistant sleeve for services penetrations.
- P12 Fire stopping systems
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PFC Corofil Ablative Coating
Water-based acrylic flexible ablative coating.
- P12 Fire stopping systems

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