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Applications: production facilities, offices, conference rooms, boardrooms, cafeterias, assembly halls, indoor swimming pools, schools and classrooms • High-performance acoustic baffle system for installations to ceilings • Cylindrical acoustic element made of melamine resin foam • With centered aluminum tube inside • Horizontal or Vertical hanging options depending on the product variation selected. • Colors: white or grey, custom color coating available • Fire classification B1 to DIN 4102 • Lengths up to 1,250 mm • Diameters 150 mm or 230 mm • Absorber class A, NRC 1.3 (for Absorber RONDO S 1,250 x 230 mm, plenum space 770 mm and absorber distance 400 mm) • Product variations: Absorber Rondo Alu, Absorber RONDO T, Absorber RONDO S, Absorber RONDO G

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