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Polyfoam Floorboard Super is a rigid, lightweight extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, offering a high compressive strength for intensively loaded industrial floors. In addition to lambda values as low as 0.034 W/mK, the thermally efficient foam boards are also robust and moisture resistant.


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Polyfoam™ Floorboard Super
Polyfoam Floorboard Super is a rigid, high performance, extruded polystyrene board used for the thermal insulation of very high load commercial, industrial and cold storage floors.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings, M10 Cement based levelling/ wearing screeds

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Hunter House Industrial Estate,
Hartlepool, TS25 2BE
Tel +44 (0)142 9855100
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