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Case studies (6)

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Conder ASP, Crewe
RHB Construction has been commissioned to redevelop two barns where public drains are not available. They required a solution that will serve a population range from 6 to 25PE that will be reliable with minimal impact on the environment
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Conder SAF, Barr Na Claise
A new housing development consisting of 48 potential new builds required a new effl uent treatment system to cope with the percolation. With 25 houses currently built – phase 1 of the project - the Cork County Council Storm Sewer couldn’t handle the volumes and the site needed a new solution
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F-Line, East Anglia
A national house builder required a company to provide Rainwater Harvesting tanks for install on recent developments where reduced internal water consumption or aid service water runoff was required.
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F-Line, Croydon
Whilst landscaping his property, Mr Fox made the decision to install a Rainwater Harvesting tank as an added feature to his newly landscaped garden. The customer had made this decision after researching that not only would the tank enhance his property further but that it would also reduce ...
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House of Bruar, Pitlochry, Scotland
The House of Bruar in Perthshire is an extremely busy retail outlet receiving a high volume of visitors which could average at around 13,300 over a 3 day period on a sale weekend. The business also has a lot of residential staff on site and, with being open 8 hours per day and only having 1...
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Hotel Development, Manchester
Due to new works being carried out at the railway station on above ground level, the amount of drainage had increased and was flowing down into a basement road below the railway station. The current system was unable to cope with the excess drainage and so a solution was required.