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201 Lankoblack
Bituminous waterproof coating and adhesion of insulation.
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251 Lankomousse
Fungal removal and protection.
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CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830
Hydraulic lime based render.
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CASEA Bauprocalc KG – Hydraulic Lime Based Skim Coat
Hydraulic lime based skim coat plaster.
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CASEA Bauprotec FLP
Lightweight fibre render.
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CASEA Bauprotec FLP Plus
Ultra-lightweight mineral lime cement render.
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CASEA Klimafeinputz KFP
Breathable fine finishing plaster.
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Dry Lining Beads
Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) beads for dry lining, drywall and skim plastering applications.
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Drytex Mineral Plaster Finish
Drytex finishes are dry cement based mixtures enriched with synthetic resins that after being mixed with water give a high-quality façade plaster.
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Dryzone Damp Resistant Plaster
Renovation plaster for use on damp and salt contaminated walls.
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A breathable, fast-set, pre-blended plaster.
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Dryzone Renovation Plaster (Hi Lime)
Damp-proof and salt-proof plaster containing natural hydraulic lime.
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EuroMix General Purpose Render
Factory produced renders for hand or spray application in traditional multi-coat rendering work.
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Reinforcement for non-structural applications.
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Expamet Lathing
A range of metal lathing products to carry internal and external plaster finishes.
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Fassacouche Through Colour Render
One-layer, semi-lightweight coloured plaster for waterproofing and decorating facades.
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Substrate porosity regulator and admixture for keycoat preparation to one coat renders.
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General Purpose 32.5 R Bagged Cement
Bagged cement suited to general use and smaller jobs and repairs.
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K Lime
A range of natural hydraulic lime mortars.
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KI 7 Plaster System
Fibre-reinforced lime and cement multi-purpose base coat plaster.
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Köster SB-Bonding Emulsion
Solvent-free, elastifying synthetic-dispersion bonding emulsion for universal use.
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Master Grade 32.5 R Bagged Cement
Bagged cement choice for mortars and plastering, where a smoother texture is required. Can also be used in a variety of general building applications such as concrete and screeds.
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