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A1F Building Paper
Grade A1F Building Paper made to BS 1521.
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Airtrak CV Cheek Ventilator
Provides ventilation into vertical lead cladding.
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Airtrak PRV Pitched Roof Ventilator
Provides point ventilation to lead roofs and vertical cladding where appropriate.
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Building Papers
Premium underlays for lead roofing, cladding and weathering applications.
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Flashband Original
A self-adhesive sealing strip.
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An easy to use, neutral cure, all weather alternative to sand and cement mortar.
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Hall Clips
For fixing flashings up to 20 times faster than with lead wedge.
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Lead Fixings
Copper and stainless steel annular ring shank fixings for metal roofing as recommended by trade.
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Lead Restorers
Removes dirt and grime to improve, restore and enhance the appearance of lead sheet.
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Lead Slates
Code 4 lead vulcanized to a neoprene conical upstand.
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Patination Oil
Designed to aid the prevention of unsightly white staining on newly fixed lead work.
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Polybit Building Paper
Polybit Building Paper made to BS 1521 Class A1F.
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Wood Cored Roll
Recommended for detailing and expansion of traditional lead, zinc and copper roofs.
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