Green roofs (Q37)

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4.4.2 Roof: Flat or Tapered Insulation with Membranes and Green Planting
Roof insulation (flat or tapered) with waterproofing and green roof planting.
5 mm PVC Discs
5 mm PVC discs for low clearances used in conjunction with loose fitting cross spacers.
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7 mm PVC Paving And Decking Pads
PVC disc for use with paving slabs and timber decking.
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9 mm Rubber Paving Support Pads
9 mm rubber paving support pads.
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Alkor Green
Green roof system.
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Aluminium Decking Substructure
Aluminium decking substructure.
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ANS GrufeKit Roof System
Green roof system.
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Axter drain
Drainage board designed for use in intensive green roof systems.
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Boards designed to retain water below the growing medium on extensive roofs where soil thickness is at a minimum.
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BALANCE with self-levelling Adjustable Pedestals for paving and decking
Adjustable support pedestals for paving and decking, suitable for use with porcelain.
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BC Pedestal System
Screwjack pedestal system.
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Water attenuation and roof drainage outlet restrictor.
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CORE Drainage Cells
Efficient water drainage cells.
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Delta Floraxx
Water-retaining drainage sheet for accessible inverted roofs.
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Delta Floraxx Top
Water-retaining drainage sheet with an integrated geotextile for green roofs.
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Delta®-Geo-Drain Quattro
A protection and drainage system.
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A high density polyethylene drainage sheet.
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Surface drainage layer.
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Cold-setting, self-adhesive waterproofing sheet.
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DPH Pedestal System
Screwjack pedestal system.
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Drainage mat
A combined filter and drainage membrane for use in green roof applications.
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Drainage mat DBV12
A drainage board typically used in sloped green roofs and against foundation walls.
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Eco Inverted Roof Board
A high performance rigid extruded polystyrene board.
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Eco-Roof System
System for extensive or intensive roof planting and biodiverse (brown) roofs.
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