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Land drainage (R13)

Land drainage


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ACO SuDS Swale Inlet
Sustainable drainage system inlet.
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Clay HepLine
Perforated land drainage pipes.
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Gatic Composite Access Covers and Frames
Lightweight and strong composite access covers and frames.
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Gatic Duct/ Continuous Trench Covers and Frames
Duct continuous trench covers and frames.
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Gatic F900 Assist Lift Covers
Heavy duty lift assist lift covers for rapid access.
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Gatic Hydrant/ Assist Lift Covers
Fire hydrant and assist lift covers.
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Gatic Multispan Covers and Frames
Multiple access covers and frames.
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Gatic Pave Access Covers
High performance access covers for paved areas.
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Gatic Single Covers and Frames.
Single access cover and frame.
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Sustainable lightweight civil engineering bulk fill for use in highway structures, back fill and raising of surface levels.
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High Tenacity Virgin Fibre Polypropylene Geotextile Fabric
High tenacity superior strength geotextile fabrics, thermally bonded and made from virgin fibre polypropylene without the use of staples, glues or chemicals - for use in protection, drainage, filtration and soil stabilization.
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Lytag Aggregate
Lightweight aggregate which is up to 50% lighter than natural aggregate.
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Modular Tanks
Modular concrete tank for use below ground, for the storage of most liquid types.
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Polyester MultiColoured Recycled Geotextile Fabric
Recycled polyester geotextile fabrics thermally bonded (multi-coloured) for filtration and separation. Ideal for green roof installations.
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Surface and stormwater drainage system.
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White Recycled Geotextile Fabrics
White recycled polyester geotextile fabrics.
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