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Unreinforced membrane walkway and protection layer, compatible with the Renolit AlkorPlan roofing membranes.
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AlkorPlus® 81005
Polyester fleece.
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easy tex
Non-woven polyester fleece.
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FDT Synthetic Fleece
Protective fleece.
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Polypropylene Geotextile Fabric
Strong geotextile fabrics made from virgin fibre polypropylene manufactured without chemicals or staples.
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Protan Protection Fleece
Protection fleeces installed between the Protan membrane(s) and substrate(s) to protect the membrane(s) from chemical and/or mechanical damage.
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Protection sheet TS fk
Protection layer for use with Rheponol® fk.
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Protection layer for use with Rhenofol® CV.
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An SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified metal lined membrane, designed to prevent water vapour from entering the roof system.
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Sarnafil G 445-13
Protection sheet for Sarnafil G roof waterproofing membrane.
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Sarnafil TG 63-13
Protection sheet for Sarnafil® T/ TC roof waterproofing membrane.
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Sarnafil Type GK
A 400 g/m² protective slip layer.
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Sarnafil Type T
A 300 g/m² levelling and protective fleece cushion layer.
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Polyester separation/ protection geotextile.
Type T Polyester Fleece
For use as a protection or separating layer.
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