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Resin flooring (M12)

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4-Hour Epoxy Primer
Prime and overcoat porous surfaces in one day.
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AC7450 Acrylic Pebble Floor Compound
A single component, water and acrylic dispersion based decorative pebble floor filler.
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Acrigard FK
A highly attractive, decorative flooring system that is an extremely fast curing MMA acrylic resin binder, encapsulating an infinite variety of coloured flakes, suited to high traffic retail locations.
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Acrigard QB
Acrigard QB is an extremely fast curing MMA acrylic resin, decorative finish floor system for applications on concrete, metal, wood and tiled surfaces.
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Acrigard QS
An extremely fast curing MMA acrylic resin, decorative finish floor system for applications on concrete, metal, wood and tiled surfaces.
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Altro Coat™
A twin-pack, water-miscible, moisture tolerant epoxy coating with a silk finish.
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Altro Crete™
A durable and safe monolithic floor finish suitable for applications in the industrial food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
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Altro Expand™
Elastomeric, chemically resistant epoxy resin jointing compound.
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Altro Flexiflow™
Self-smoothing, flexible polyurethane resin system which gives a seamless finish.
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Altro Flow
Flooring designed for areas which require increased hygiene.
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Altro Grip™
A solvent-free epoxy resin multi-layer system providing slip resistance and a textured gloss surface.
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Altro Mosaic™
A solvent-free, epoxy resin combination system that encapsulates decorative acrylic flakes in Altro Tect standard clear epoxy resin.
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Altro Screed™
High strength, chemically resistant, decorative floor finish.
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Altro Seal™
Polyurethane coating offering chemical and UV resistance.
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Altro Tect™
A twin pack high build epoxy floor coating.
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An anti-slip resin floor coating system ideal for hangars.
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Antislip PUW
Water based polyurethane anti-slip sealer.
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Aquasol/ Aquasol HD
A high performance, water based, epoxy resin protective coating designed for floors, walls and ceilings.
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Latex levelling and smoothing compound.
Self-smoothing floor finish.
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Arturo Flakes
Coloured flakes that can be used to add a decorative or special effect to floors and walls.
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ASPEN Bird’s Beak Edging
Made from 1 mm stainless steel, Bird’s Beak Edging is attached to wall panels to create an edge for a mitred resin floor without the need for kerbing.
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Athen Sports Floor
Low profile area elastic sports floor system designed to be laid on a level slab to accommodate a variety of sport synthetic finishes including vinyl, linoleum and rubber.
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B-95 Flexible Epoxy – Self-Levelling Flooring System
A practically solvent-free flexible epoxy flooring system.
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Broadcast Epoxy Flooring and Car Park Systems
A coloured, rigid epoxy, protective waterproofing and wearing surface for intermediate car park decks and ramps.
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