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Protection services

Systems for the protection of buildings, structures etc. from lightning, liquid, birds and vermin.
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Cast Iron Vent and Drainage Grilles
S[pecifcation of a range of British made cast iron vent and drainage grilles. Huge range of styles and sizes ranging from 70mm square up to 530mm square. These grilles are used across a wide range...
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PVC Strip Curtain
A PVC strip curtain is a great way of stopping flies enter a food preparation area. This will still give good light and air flow to the kitchen and still be accessible. This is mainly used in a co...
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Aluminium Stand Off Window Screen - Domestic
Face fits, inside or outside, to existing frame, subframe or wall outside the reveal. If your window opens out the screen will be fitted on the inside and vice versa. Choice of three fitting method...
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Round Vents, Grilles and Drain Grates
These round grilles are used across a wide range of period properties across the country and also overseas. They are suitable for ventilation or for drainage. Drilled they are often used as vent g...
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Cast Iron vents and Grilles - Made To measure
We have created grilles for hundreds of projects and buildings over the ten years we've been making them. We've replicated cast iron square hole grilles for Kier constructions restoration o...
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Size Guide for Cast Iron Made to Measure Grilles
Here are the sizes we can make in square hole pattern from cast iron square hole gratings. Our grilles are ideal for installation within period properties during restoration and repointing of brick...
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Cast Iron Air Bricks Triple Brick Sized (nom 9x9 inch)
The triple sized cast iron air bricks are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish. Here we look at the seven different types of our largest triple air bric...
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Cast Iron Fly Screen Air Bricks
A period property cast iron air brick made in three parts suitable for bug and rodent protection. Consists of cast iron square hole front, copper fly mesh and cast iron frame all secured together w...
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Cast Iron Air Bricks Double Brick Sized (nom 9x6 inch)
Cast iron air bricks are ideal for installation in period properties and building renovation. They are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds to a fine cast finish and can be supplied bare or pai...
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