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Public conveniences


Ground fixing mechanisms and rotary lines etc. for drying clothes outdoors; for drying and airing machines see (75) Cleaning and laundry fittings.
CD (UK) Ltd
First invented as a high performance ‘Solid Surface’ material for kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, CD (UK) Ltd is now the leading global brand in surfacing materials for interior design and archi...
Tristone UK
Tristone UK Limited is the sole distributor of Tristone Solid Surface in UK and Ireland. Tristone® is an acrylic solid surface, manufactured by Lion Chemtech. Tristone® is seamless, non-porous, res...
Aluline Ltd
Specialist manufacturers of stainless steel and GRP DRAINAGE Grease/oil separators Gullies/Channels Bio-remediation stations.STPs,
D&D Technologies
Designers and manufacturers for 25 years of high quality hinges and latches for most wood, metal & vinyl gates. Most hinges are self-closing, and latches are lockable for security around the ho...
Hering UK LLP
Hering Group is a family owned, medium sized company that since its founding 115 years ago has evolved into a specialist company providing products for areas of use by the public; ranging from arch...
Interpublic Urban Systems UK Ltd
InterPublic, a specialist providing user friendly, reliable, vandal resistant public toilets to meet every need. A nationwide Company with a permanent presence in Northern Ireland, the product ran...