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Quelfire is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist passive fire protection products for buildings, including firestopping systems for pipe, duct & electrical service penetrations, linear joints & cavity barriers. Quelfire has been supporting architects, specifiers, main contractors, firestopping & other specialist contractors from design to installation for over 40 years.
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ATG Intumescent Air Transfer Grille
Range of intumescent air transfer grilles that are suitable for providing protection against the spread of fire through air ducts and openings in fire-resisting constructions such as doors and partitions for up to 60 minutes.
- L20 Doors/ shutters/ hatches, P21 Door/ window ironmongery, U88 Air terminal devices, U90 General ventilation - domestic
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Intumescent Acoustic Putty Pad
Intumescent acoustic putty pads designed to maintain the fire resistance of plasterboard partitions where they have been penetrated by plastic or metal electric socket boxes.
- P12 Fire stopping systems
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PS Intumescent Fire Pillow
Intumescent firestop pillows to prevent the spread of fire where cables and other non-combustible services penetrate fire compartment walls and floors.
- P12 Fire stopping systems

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