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Refuse disposal

Disposal and processing systems for taking refuse from various points in a building to common collection areas; includes waste management, plant, installations and piped distribution systems.
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Hotel X - Toronto, ON
Hotel X’s sophisticated washrooms showcase luxury, with deep cubicles surrounded by towering Alpaco doors, panels and pilasters that extend from within inches above the floor to nearly touching the...
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Co-ordinated corten external seating for North Portsea Island
The North Portsea Island Scheme involves the replacement of 8.4km of coastline protection of low-lying land in the City of Portsmouth. Several different forms of seating were required for the proje...
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Their mission is to be a first class and first choice provider of education and apprenticeships in a wide range of skills. 15% of their students are aged 16 to 18 and they currently employ over 350...
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The centre already boasts a 2 million sq. ft. of retail space with an additional 2 million sq. ft. to be added. Before this new phase of development took place, they approached us to transform the ...
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Royal Shakespeare Theatre
A grade II listed building, the building has several notable Art Deco features including the staircase and corridors at either side of the auditorium. The Royal Shakespeare Company has renovated th...
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Colchester Museum
The museum was designed by architect Rafael Viñoly whose design was picked from more than 100 entries worldwide in a competition to design the building. As this building was new and not built upo...
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Elsley House, Elsley Court
Elsley House is a 66,900 sq. ft. contemporary office building comprising of seven floors, located just off London’s Oxford Circus. The property was originally constructed in the 1930s for the garme...
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St Paul's Cathedral, London
The Cathedral is one of the most breathtaking, famous sites in London. Designed in the English Baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren, this Cathedral dates back to the 17th Century. At 365 feet, i...
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The Bower Building, Stockley Park, UK
The Dolphin Luxury Office Collection was chosen as the centrepiece for this washroom due to its numerous benefits. The prestigious features were able to transform the space to give a luxury feel an...
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Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol UK
The stadium’s vast size and increased capacity required washrooms capable of withstanding large volumes of people that will be using the facilities during a variety of events throughout the year, i...
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