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Refuse disposal

Disposal and processing systems for taking refuse from various points in a building to common collection areas; includes waste management, plant, installations and piped distribution systems.
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3-In-1 Combination Unit
3-in-1 paper towel dispenser with waste receptacle and automatic hand dryer
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ASI Washroom Accessories
The Roval, Profile, Simplicity and Traditional Collections are families of complementary-designed products that include dispensers of towels, toilet tissue, soaps and seat covers as well as corresp...
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Vortex Plus Disposal Unit
Disposal Unit with touch-less technology
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Vernacare Product Brochure
Vernacares 100% disposable solutions for patient toileting and human waste management.
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Vernacare Vortex Range
The Vortex Disposal Units break the cycle of infection by disintegrating and flushing the disposable products and human waste.
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The revolutionary single-use system
The benefits of adopting the Vernacare single-use system for human waste management across the healthcare sector.
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Furnitubes Combined Litter Bins Brochure
Furnitubes combined litter bins brochure. Furnitubes has a comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins for a variety of external applications, including general street waste, dog waste, cigarette wa...
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Wall Recessed Pulpmatic Uno
The Pulpmatic Uno is a compact pulp macerator with capacity for 1-2 pulp items per cycle of 65 seconds, with the added benefit of our new click & fit disinfection dosing system. Developed for l...
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Pulpmatic Eco Data
The Pulpmatic Eco, as its name implies, is an eco friendly macerator with capacity for 3-4 pulp items per cycle of 105 seconds. It is specifically designed to cope with most regular usage patterns,...
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Panamatic Optima 2 Data
Designed for optimal performance with both hot and cold wash cycle before disinfection, the Panamatic Optima 2 has a large capacity and can process two bedpans and two urine bottles at a time and c...
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