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Refuse disposal

Disposal and processing systems for taking refuse from various points in a building to common collection areas; includes waste management, plant, installations and piped distribution systems.
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ASI Piatto Collection
THE ELEGANCE OF LESS ASI's unique Piatto Collection of Washroom Accessories is designed to stand apart by not standing out. Each washroom accessory is completely recessed, lying perfectly in t...
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3-In-1 Combination Unit
3-in-1 paper towel dispenser with waste receptacle and automatic hand dryer
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ASI Washroom Accessories
The Roval, Profile, Simplicity and Traditional Collections are families of complementary-designed products that include dispensers of towels, toilet tissue, soaps and seat covers as well as corresp...
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Wall Recessed Pulpmatic Uno
The Pulpmatic Uno is a compact pulp macerator with capacity for 1-2 pulp items per cycle of 65 seconds, with the added benefit of our new click & fit disinfection dosing system. Developed for l...
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Pulpmatic Eco Data
The Pulpmatic Eco, as its name implies, is an eco friendly macerator with capacity for 3-4 pulp items per cycle of 105 seconds. It is specifically designed to cope with most regular usage patterns,...
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Panamatic Optima 2 Data
Designed for optimal performance with both hot and cold wash cycle before disinfection, the Panamatic Optima 2 has a large capacity and can process two bedpans and two urine bottles at a time and c...
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Pulpmatic Ultima Data
The Pulpmatic Ultima is a large capacity pulp macerator able to cope with 4-6 pulp items per 120 second cycle. Suitable for busy dirty utility rooms the Pulpmatic Ultima was developed to cope in hi...
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Pulpmatic Uno Data
The Pulpmatic Uno is a compact pulp macerator with capacity for 1-2 pulp items per cycle of 65 seconds. Developed for low demand areas of single bed wards and en-suite facilities, the Pulpmatic Uno...
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Incomatic Data
The Incomatic presents a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence waste, and whats more, the Incomatic can save you money! It couldnt be simpler, incontinent products are shredded...
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Panamatic Maxi & Maxi+ Data
Our top of the range Panamatic Maxi and Maxi + have an extra large wash chamber which can accommodate an extensive range of utensils in various combinations, washing and disinfecting a wide range o...
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