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Refuse disposal

Disposal and processing systems for taking refuse from various points in a building to common collection areas; includes waste management, plant, installations and piped distribution systems.
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Completely Recessed HPL Accessories
THE ELEGANCE OF LESS ASI's unique Piatto Collection of Washroom Accessories is designed to stand apart by not standing out. Each washroom accessory is completely recessed, lying perfectly in t...
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Paper Towel Dispenser, Hand Dryer, and Waste Receptacle Unit
3-in-1 paper towel dispenser with waste receptacle and automatic hand dryer. Perfect for small spaces that require options.
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Washroom Accessories
Welcome to the new ASIthe worlds leading manufacturer of commercial washroom accessories. So what makes ASI so unique? For starters, we offer the most comprehensive selection of washroom accessorie...
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Dolphin Project Focus
Dolphin Project Focus shows the wide range of projects that Dolphin has been ininvolved in. It shows the range of products that Dolphin offers and also the offerings of product seledction.
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Dolphin Elements Range
Range of all accessories for the washroom from toilet tissue dispensers, to soap dispensers to toilet brushes, and signage. See the full range or visit our website on www.dolphinsolutions.co.uk
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