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RIBA Accredited CPD (9)

The following CPD Providers Network material is available from REHAU Ltd:
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  • Acoustics: Managing Noise in the Built Environment External link (Seminar)
    This seminar will help you to understand the basic principles of acoustics. Covers: - Which design standards, relevant to noise control, to consider - How to incorporate sound reduction measure...
  • Fenestration CPD - Windows, Doors and Curtain Walling External link (Seminar)
    This seminar aims to cover: - The different materials used in UK industry - The range of window styles and their application - How to colour and finish windows - What design standards to cons...
  • GAHE - a Renewable Source of Controlled Ventilation External link (Seminar)
    This seminar will provide an introduction to geothermal energy, how a ground air heat exchanger works, where it can be used, pipe requirements for the system, design, layout installation, problems ...
  • Ground Source Heating External link (Seminar)
    This seminar gives the architect an overview of ground source heating then goes on to explian the three main methods of extracting this energy.
  • High Performance Curtain Walling External link (Seminar)
    This seminar will outline: - What curtain walling is - Types of curtain walling - Alternatives to aluminium - Design criteria - Regulations and standards - Installation examples
  • Introduction to Renewable Heat Technology External link (Seminar)
    This semainr covers: - DECC heat strategy and renewable heat incentive - Ground source heat pumps - Biomass boilers including district heating - Biogas anaerobic digestion - Solar thermal and...
  • Introduction to Sub-Surface Heating and Cooling External link (Seminar)
    This seminar is about the specification of the correct underfloor heating and cooling system. It will help you to understand the following topics: - Understand the basic principles of underfloor ...
  • Office Acoustics: Solutions Through Furniture External link (Seminar)
    After this seminar you will: - Understand room acoustics - Have an awareness of which sound absorbing materials in furniture products are available - Understand how these materials can be used t...
  • Use of Polymer Materials in Office Furniture with Particular Reference to the Application of Tambour Doors External link (Seminar)
    After this seminar you should: - Understand the main solid surface materials - Be able to identify PVC, ABS and PP through various simple tests, observations and list their advantages/disadvantag...

Further Information

Further information on some of the training offered by REHAU Ltd and the locations served is available:
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Emma Green +44 (0)207 307 8590 emma.green@rehau.com Gareth Jones +44 (0)1989 762600 Gareth.jones@rehau.com