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VentilFlex25 Info Brochure
This brochure gives you an at-a-glance idea of our product aimed at lining ventilation ducts for various purposes such as kitchen extraciton.
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Architects Information Leaflet
Downloadable information leaflet helping architects in specifying FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products.
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FuranFlex25 Local Authority Leaflet
This leaflet explains the advantages of the FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products for local authority chimney and duct lining applications.
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VentilFlex25 Data Sheet
This VentilFlex25 data sheet provides the full product specifications.
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R-MER CLAD Metal Systems - Garland
R-MER CLAD trapezoidal roofing and wall profiles are a cost effective, lightweight and efficient waterproofing system. Suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects, the system can be inst...
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02 - Syska LookBook 2019
Syska Product Overview
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04 - Quest - Acoustic Panel - Technical Datasheet
Datasheet for Syska Quest acoustic panel
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05 - Tessellate - Acoustic Wall Tile - Technical Datasheet
Datasheet for Syska Tessellate Acoustic Wall Tile
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06 - Skyline Baffle - Acoustic Ceiling Panel - Technical Datasheet
Datasheet for Syska Skyline Baffle Acoustic Ceiling Panel
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