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Roof joint sealants, strips and repair media


Expansion joint fillers, strips and joint sealants for roofs; also repair services.
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Royal Garden Hotel
Fixfast supplied a complete package here, not on the drains and guards but all the fasteners required for fixing the roofing system. For this project, Fixfast also helped by providing the necessar...
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Bermondsey Square Hotel
The area of Bermondsey Spa in South London was a vast development project in 2017 and 2018, the Bermondsey Square Hotel being a focal point of the area. As well as assisting with various applicati...
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Pondwick's Close, St Albans
The Fixfast living roof retention system has been used as part of a stunning Sky Garden green roof installation in Hertfordshire, which recently featured on Grand Designs. 175m of 100mm EdgeGuard ...
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Klober roofing airtightness accessories for £4m school
For the £4.3m Sandford St Martin’s 2FE Primary School near Wareham, Michael Lyons Architecture specified Klober Wallint® 50 and Wallint Solar air barriers with Pasto Sealant and 400 rolls of airtig...
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Stretchable lead-free flashings used with PV panels
Contractors Steadfast Roofing were so impressed at a training day with Klober Easy-Form flashing that they used it on a block of 28 new apartments. Bugler Developments project in Greenford has PV p...
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Steelwork through cladding
Location: Reading Client: Microsoft campus Scope: Steel intersection through cladding
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Pipes through cladding
Location: Reading Client: Microsoft campus Scope: Multiple pipes through wall cladding
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Ducts – pipe work through a flat roof
Location: Bristol Client: New magistrates court Scope: Multiple ducts and flues through roof riser
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Duct from one building to another
Location: Reading Client: Microsoft Campus Scope: Ducting passing through cladding
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Microsoft Village
Location: Reading Client: Specialist Cladding Services – Kenilworth Scope: Installation of weathering to several different sized steel projections through composite panel cladding.
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