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Roof joint sealants, strips and repair media


Expansion joint fillers, strips and joint sealants for roofs; also repair services.
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Sheeting and Cladding Overview
Outline of Fixfast's sheeting and cladding products.
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Seamsil 100 system specification
The industry's most trusted solution to the problem of Cut Edge Corrosion. Seamsil 100 has been endorsed by Tata Steel and specified in confidence by surveyors and property managers for over t...
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Seamsil 400 (bolt encapsulation) specification
Seamsil 400 is a silicone based repair system to use in conjunction with Delcote roof coating and Seamsil 100 for cut edge corrosion. Prevents further deterioration of hook bolts, drive screws and...
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Sharmans roof and gutter coating systems
Learn more about our market leading commercial roof and gutter refurbishment systems. Whether it be full roof coatings, gutter coatings, cut edge corrosion treatment or rooflight refurbishment, we...
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Sharmans system guarantees
Read about the product and single point guarantees that underpin our market leading roof and gutter refurbishment systems.
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Seamsil 100 product data sheet
Download product information for Seamsil 100, our gun applied silicone based cut edge corrosion treatment.
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Seamsil top and base coat product data sheet
Seamsil top and base coats are used as part of the Seamsil cut edge corrosion system and / or as a preparatory coating before Delcote architectural coating is applied. Download to read more.
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Delcote architectural coating spray application guidelines
Spray application guidelines for our Delcote full roof coatings system.
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Easy Trim Universal Verge Systems
The Ultimate universal, high speed, high quality easy install dry verge. Left and right handed units are no longer required as Easy Verge U is truly universal. The unique design is quick and easy t...
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