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Safeguard Europe Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist damp-proofing and waterproofing products. For over 30 years its focus has been on providing high-quality, reliable products and technical expertise to specialists in the construction industry.

The company is able to supply to anywhere in the UK via cash purchase or credit account. Ordering can be done via telephone, e-mail or fax. The office and their on-the-road technical staff can be contacted any time during normal business hours for enquiries.

The company prides itself on its industry-leading technical knowledge and its ability to innovate by developing and manufacturing new products. If you or your clients require:

- Technical specifications
- CAD drawings
- Practical training days
- On-site technical visits
- Datasheets or application guidelines

Safeguard Europe can help. For any enquiries or orders, call them on 01403 210 204.
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Brickfix DriveTie Helical Wall Tie
DriveTie helical wall tie for faster wall tie replacement and brick pinning.
- C46 Cavity wall tie renewal/ insertion, F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling
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Brickfix Masonry Crack Stitching System
Masonry crack stitching system.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling, C41 Repairing/ Renovating/ Conserving masonry
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Brickfix Quickfix Mechanical Wall Tie
Quickfix mechanical wall tie for fast, simple cavity wall tie replacement.
- C46 Cavity wall tie renewal/ insertion, F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling

Quality Assurance

Safeguard Europe Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 00/3733 – 00/3733 Flooring membranes comprising moulded polypropylene sheets
BBA Certificate 04/4188 – 04/4188 Vandex Super
BBA Certificate 15/5198 – 15/5198 Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream
BBA Certificate 97/3363 – 97/3363 Chemical damp-proof systems
BBA Certificate 97/3363 – 97/3363 Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rod
BBA Certificate 97/3363_2 – 97/3363_2 Dryzone Express Replastering System

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Redkiln Close,
Redkiln Way,
West Sussex, RH13 5QL
Tel +44 (0)1403 210204
Fax +44 (0)1403 217529