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Safes and strongrooms


Secure storage fittings including safes, cabinets, vaults.
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Flip Top Tills
Safetell Flip Top Tills have a robust steel construction and external security key lock, to secure cash within.
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Cash Drawer
Safetell cash drawers are a secure cash drawer unit with locking removable cash box, that incorporates configuarable inserts. These drawers are of a rugged high quality design suitable for heavy co...
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Bullet and Blast Resistant Door
Bullet Resistant Security Doors for external an back-of-house applications
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Residential Steel Security Doors
A range or designer security doors for the UK market. From only £590.00 you can own a European Security Level 3 steel door.
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ATM Receipt Bins
Stainless steel construction receipt bins. Low cost. Immediate availability . Optional installation by Safetell directly employed technicians.
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Airport Security Solutions
Security and its facilitation are key issues to airports and airline operators. Airport security is becoming ever more stringent, helped in no small part by on-going advances in technology. This is...
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