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Schöck are specialists in supplying innovative and highly effective products for applications involving structural thermal insulation, thermal bridging and noise suppression. The solutions include Thermal Breaks for cantilever construction; Stairwell Impact Sound Reduction; Ground Floor Thermal Bridging prevention; GFRP high tensile reinforcement; and an anti- punching Shear Reinforcement.
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Quality Assurance

Schöck Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 05/4277 – Isokorb range of loadbearing thermal insulation components
BBA Certificate 10/4801 – Schöck Isokorb Range of Thermal Insulation Components
BBA Certificate 12/5741 – 12/5741 LABC registered - Schock Isokorb Range of Load bearing Thermal Insulation Components

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Stanisford House,
4 Wedgwood Road,
Oxfordshire, OX26 4UL
Tel +44 (0)1865 290 890
Fax +44 (0)845 241 3391