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Technical details for the SECURABLINDS Blast Plus - Grilles.


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SECURABLINDS® Blast Plus, Left/ Right Hand Hung Gate, Double Gate, Fixed Grille or Double Lock Grille Security Blast Blind - A4GTLHH / A4GTRHH / A4DG / A4FG / A4DLG
SECURABLINDS® Blast Plus, left-hand or right-hand hung Gate,Double Gate, Fixed Grille or Double Lock Grille. Internally fitted security blast blind for forced entry prevention and very high level of blast protection.
- L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres

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The Abbey Group,
Unit 4 Kirkby Bank Road,
Knowsley Industrial Park,
Merseyside, L33 7SY
Tel +44 (0)151 3636304
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