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Frontier Pitts manufacture a large portfoilio of Security Sliding, Hinged (Swing) Gates and Bi-folding Speed Gates. Whether the requirement is for a simple, manually operated security gate, only used a few times a day, or a completely automated security gate used continuously, Frontier Pitts will design and manufacture a system to meet the sites exact needs. Sliding Gates, Hinged/Swing Gates and Bi-folding Speed Gates

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Automatic Hinged/ Swing Gates
Range of hinged steel security gates.
- Q40 Fencing, Q41 Barriers/ guardrails
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Terra Barriers (PAS 68)
Range of hydraulically driven IWA 14 and BSi PAS 68 tested automatic drop arm barriers.
- Q41 Barriers/ guardrails
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Terra Blockers (IWA14 and PAS68)
Range of hydraulically powered International IWA 14 and British BSi PAS 68 impact tested road blockers.
- Q41 Barriers/ guardrails
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Terra Bollards (IWA 14 and PAS 68)
Planet range of automatic rising/ retractable International IWA 14 and British PAS 68 impact tested Terra Bollards and Static Terra Bollards.
- Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment
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Terra Gates (IWA 14 and PAS 68)
Range of automatic steel security gates impact tested to the International IWA 14 and British BSi PAS 68.
- Q40 Fencing, Q41 Barriers/ guardrails

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West Sussex, RH10 9QZ
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