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Roof Edge Protection
As with many architecturally attractive buildings, the world-leading University of Warwick wanted an edge protection system that not only met the latest regulations but also offered a superior desi...
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Green Roof Case Study
The EVAGREEN roof garden system from ICB produces an eye catching, environmentally friendly solution for the CSC Building at Nottingham University, helping to achieve the Outstanding BREEAM rating....
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A Natural Ventilation Solution for Bath Abbey - VentilFlex
Spec: 4 x 150mm diameter and 8 x 225mm diameter VentilFlex-25 Date: 8-12 April 2019 Initial Situation: Kompozit'all UK's installation partner, Toast Ltd, was contracted to line 12 existi...
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Natural smoke ventilation at 3 residential blocks
Dyer supplied and installed new natural smoke ventilation systems for three residential blocks in Swindon - replacing AOVs with certified louvre.
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10 Queen Street Place, London
Within this project, the interior and exterior were dramatically changed and enhanced utilising fresh entry and access control security solutions.
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191 West George Street, Glasgow
Renovated with space and clarity in mind, the atrium of 191 West George Street now stands out with its high-quality materials. The atrium was designed with a sleek set of Lifeline Speedlane Swings.
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32 - 41 West Street, Reading
This large Retail HQ refurbishment will see all floors of their existing building being completely reconfigured and re-designed that sees a new cafe/bar and staff gym/studio along with a studio moc...
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The River Building, London
Preventing the unauthorised access to the floors is a bank of glossy black Speedlane Swings that form part of our popular 'Lifeline Series'.
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The Silver Fin Building, Aberdeen
Inside the Silver Fin Building is a stunning four-story open atrium that features Swinglane 900's purposely positioned to monitor access to the floors above.
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No.1 West George Street, Glasgow
A Crystal Tourniket allows light into the entrance hall, with full view of the green LED lit Speedlane 300's which are a popular choice for an array of office developments.
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