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Bespoke curved guttering on ‘roundhouse’
Guttercrest have manufactured and supplied a bespoke rainwater system for a unique new home in Cambridgeshire. Sarek - named after a fictional character in the Star Trek movies – has been dubbed ‘...
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FuranFlex Heritage Chimney Lining - Kings School, Canterbury
Toast Ltd was asked to investigate the use of Furanflex in the school's science laboratory in the evacuation of chemical gases. It was concluded that using FURANFLEX-25 Black liner in this situ...
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FuranFlex Heritage Chimney Lining - Gorhambury House, St Albans
The grade II listed house that was undergoing a major refurbishment. The client's request was to locate and reinstate all existing chimneys and fireplaces. Using sophisticated camera and radar...
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FuranFlex Heritage Open Fireplaces in Bisterne Manor, Dorset
This well-known estate was undergoing chimney repair. After surveying them, it was concluded that the open fireplaces would be relined with FURANFLEX-25 Red for a heritage-friendly installation, ef...
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Furanflex Heritage Chimney Restoration in South England
Toast Chimney Specialist were called to Hamptworth Lodge to carry out a chimney sweeping project. After conducting a CCTV survey, it was revealed that several flues were without any lining and larg...
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FuranFlex Open Fire Flue Liner - Environment Agency, Oxfordshire
At the Environment Agency River Thames office (Benson Lock house, Oxfordshire). The Flue for the open fireplace was CCTV surveyed and recorded as unsafe requiring relining. FuranFlex25 RWV chimney...
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Furanflex Heritage Chimney lining in North Yorkshire
Specialist Chimney Services was called out to Lartington Hall. The existing marble fireplace needed to be made operational. It was decided that Furanflex-25 would be the most practical solution in ...
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FuranFlex Open Fire Chimney Lining in Wimbledon
The Furanflex-25 RWV liners fitted to the contour of the flue maintaining the cross-sectional area of the flue, giving a smooth insulated lining to increase the efficiency of the chimney and withou...
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Open Fire FuranFlex Chimney Lining in Dublin
Shelbourne Hotel, one of the top hotels in the heart of Dublin City, is a six-storey building. The Main Lobby fireplace has an open fire, serviced by a brick chamber, the brick had deteriorated an...
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Restoring Ventilation Ducting with VentilFlex
This VentilFLEX-25 Green restoration project ran quickly, cleanly and smoothly, allowing the installers to spend less time in the apartments than other solutions would have allowed. All tenants wer...
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