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Magestic Galvanised Steel Rainwater System Features and Benefits
Galvanised Gutters, an improved galvanised steel with strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating offering the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel.
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Belleisle Conservatory - Natural Ventilation
Dyer's natural ventilation for a restored B-listed building.
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ASI Piatto Collection
THE ELEGANCE OF LESS ASIs unique Piatto Collection of Washroom Accessories is designed to stand apart by not standing out. Each washroom accessory is completely recessed, lying perfectly in the pl...
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Photo barriers from SOMMER
SOMMER produces a range of light barriers to increase safety in situations where automatically closing gates and doors are installed. The light barriers are suitable for commercial and residential...
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Radio Solutions from SOMMER
SOMMER radio solutions use Rollingcode technology to make scanning and code grabbing worthless. SOMloq2 uses 128-bit AES encryption and is bi-directional making it highly secure. SOMMER have an ex...
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Basic & Acoustic Window Trickle Ventilators
With Duco's Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems a wide range of self-regulating (SR) ventilation louvres is available for the supply of fresh air. From standard self-regulating trickl...
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Louvre Grilles Window & Wall
Ducos wall and window louvres combine intensive ventilation with an aesthetically pleasing design. With a great variation in forms and colours Duco offers the architect many installation and modula...
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UfAC Design Freedom
An information booklet for architects focused on the application of underfloor air conditioning systems and, explaining how the adoption of such systems can help achieve design freedom, particularl...
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Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift Information Sheet
The Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift offers a traditional passenger lift feel but at a fraction of the cost - with stretcher lift or bike lift sizes available. Installed internally or ext...
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Gartec 5000 MRL Traction Cabin Lift Brochure
The Gartec 5000 MRL Traction Cabin Lift is a quiet, efficient enclosed lift with the look and feel of a passenger lift at a fraction of the cost. An advanced belt drive system allows carriage of 40...
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