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SAS Timber
The use of natural textures and materials by architects and interior designers often governs the feel of warmth and wellbeing in internal spaces. SAS Timber ceilings offer the natural aesthetic o...
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DOM EasyKey Digital Door Handle
Easykey - Adaptable to almost any mortise lock on the market, Easykey provides security and control, being a simple and comfortable tool in restricted environments (e.g. offices, hospitals, private...
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DOM Cliptag Mechatronic Locking system
One locking medium for electronics and mechanics - The new DOM ClipTag V 2.0 has a lot to offer. In a completely new design and equipped with the latest Mifare and 125 kHz transponder technologies...
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DOM ENiQ Ecosystem - Office Buildings
DOM ENiQ offers different ways of managing your security system, which gives you the freedom to create a security experience that fits best for your organisation. Whatever way you choose to manag...
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DOM ENiQ Data on Card Access Management
Data on Card - Because all authorisations are written on user cards, this programming method is perfect for buildings with a wide range of doors. First, set up your transponders with a desk reader...
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DOM ENiQ Pro Cylinder
Reliable, strong, smart, versatile. Your ENiQ Pro digital cylinders truly can do everything you want, without compromising any of its securing strengths or ease of use. Or its great looks, for that...
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DOM ENiQ Online Management software
Get full control and detailed insights over your entire ENiQ Security Ecosystem from a single location. By connecting your software to all your ENiQ devices through a TCP/IP-network, you can progra...
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DOM ENiQ Guard Handle
DOM ENiQ Guard Digital Handle is is tough and durable, without foregoing a clean and classy design. Our digital door handles, part of the ENiQ line, safely secure any interior door you place them o...
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The ENiQ LoQ is a innovative digital furniture lock. Not only you can lock your locker, tool chest, or a cabinet with it, but it is also seamlessly connected to the ENiQ Security Ecosystem. If we a...
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