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Wavin HDPE product and installation manual
Wavin HDPE is a universal system approved for pipe installation in buildings to DIN 19535 and DIN EN 1519. The product range includes pipes and fittings with dimensions between 40mm and 315mm. Wavi...
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Wavin TwinWall Product Guide
TwinWall is a cost effective pipe system intended for use as a direct alternative to all non-pressurised gravity drain systems other than where Local Authority adoption is necessary. Smaller diamet...
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Hepworth Terracotta product guide
Terracotta is an extraordinary material that is naturally resistant to the effects of acid corrosion, extremes in temperature, weathering and other environmental factors. And, at Hepworth, we have ...
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Hepworth Clay Product, Design and Installation Guide
Hepworth Clay has built a reputation second to none for product quality, technical ability and customer service something we are rightly proud of. We offer a complete range of drainage systems, off...
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Healthcare solutions
Selection of the correct products has been shown to increase handwashing compliance and reduce cross-contamination. With this in mind, Franke Water Systems offer a comprehensive range of HTM & ...
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Low Surface Temperature Heaters brochure 2020
Consort's range of LST heaters suitable for use in environments with vulnerable people such as schools, nurseries, hospitals, care homes, and anywhere where safety is paramount.
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Zip HydroBoil range
Instant boiling water heaters are a reliable go to system for the workplace. Saves time No more time wasted waiting for water to boil - the range delivers boiling water instantly at the touch of a...
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Zip InLine instantaneous water heating
Why Zip InLine instantaneous water heating? Zip InLine water heaters are the most energy efficient means of directly heating water electrically. Using the very latest bare wire technology, Zip InLi...
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Zip HydroCare
All Zip systems are backed by a full warranty with the additional option of HydroCare, a service and maintenance plan offering comprehensive support after installation. Zip's HydroCare and Hydr...
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How Lutron can help with BREEAM
This document summarises how Lutron products and services can contribute to the achievement of BREEAM credits.
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