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Sheet roof claddings


Systems of protective or insulating layers fixed to roofs, defined by materials and types.
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Onduline Building Solutions
A WORLDWIDE RECOGNISED ROOFING PLAYER AT YOUR SERVICE Worldwide leader in lightweight roofing * 80 years of industry experience * Over 150 million m² of roofing solutions sold every year * About...
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ONDUCLAIR RENOV - asbestos renovation
Over roofing system designed for the renovation of fibre cement (with or without asbestos) and metal roofs. The ONDUCLAIR RENOV system is designed to revitalise and renovate metal or fibre cement ...
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ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay sheets are used as a secured waterproof layer designed to be fitted under a traditional tile or slate roof. This solution is a perfect waterproof barrier against potential...
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ROOFBOX Standard and modular roof cabinets
ROOFBOX is a proprietary riser weathering system designed specifically to address the inherent problems of waterproofing service penetrations at roof level.
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AIRTRAK Roof Void Ventilation System 2018
AIRTRAK products help provide roof void ventilation for flat and pitched roofs in accordance with BS5250. The wide range of applications are supported with relevant section details and a strong tec...
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