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Silencers and acoustic treatment


Systems which reduce the noise emissions of air conditioning units; for fan silencers see Fans and fan silencers (57).
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SAS Timber
The use of natural textures and materials by architects and interior designers often governs the feel of warmth and wellbeing in internal spaces. SAS Timber ceilings offer the natural aesthetic o...
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Mechanical Air Extraction & Ventilation
The DucoBox Silent, combined with exhaust vents, ensures efficient mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air. As far as exhaust vents are concerned, you can choose between a basic version (Du...
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Natural Ventilation System
The Duco Comfort System is an easy to install Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation System (VNV) and provides natural air supply via self-regulating window ventilators in the fa├žade and a mechanica...
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DucoGrille Acoustic Window & Wall Louvre
Recessed window louvres manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles. With one kind of louvre blade two aesthetic applications are possible: Z and L. The louvre blades are fitted with the sound-at...
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DucoGrille Close Multi Leaf Damper
The DucoGrille Close 105 is a blade damper which, as a result of its high airflow rate, is perfect for use in ventilation applications of buildings. A llowing fresh air from the outside to directly...
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Louvre Wall
Aluminium continuous louvre walls, whereby the aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders. These are firstly secured into place on the aluminium support profile using Du...
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Louvres Grilles Window & Wall
Ducos wall and window louvre combine intensive ventilation with an aesthetically pleasing design. With a great variation in forms and colours Duco offers the architect many installation and modular...
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Window Trickle Ventilators
With Duco's Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems a wide range of self-regulating (SR) window ventilators is available for the supply of fresh air. From standard self-regulating trickle...
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