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Siniat manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes.

Their products and solutions provide new opportunities for innovative specifications in schools, hospitals and other commercial projects. Through customer insights, they also help the sector to cut wastage, improve manual handling, speed up installation times and deliver projects which are sustainable and address lifetime cost.
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Product catalogue
A water resistant plasterboard for use in high humidity or wet applications, including swimming p...
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Product catalogue
Twice as strong as standard plasterboard, giving greater impact, pull out resistance and sound in...
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Product catalogue
An attack resistant plasterboard to foil opportunistic burglars, keep occupants safe, protect the...
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Siniat Aqua Board
Board for use in areas exposed to humidity.
- K10 Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings
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Siniat Aqua Board Partition Systems
Gypsum board partition systems.
- K10 Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings
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Siniat dB Board
Dense sound insulation board.
- K10 Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings

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Metal frame partition
Pregybel perforated plasterboard
Resilient Acoustic Stud
Siniat Duripanel Board
Siniat Aqua Board
Siniat dB Board

Trade names

Aqua Board
dB Board Bluclad
Direct Bond
GTEC External Sheathing
GTEC Metal Profiles
GTEC Partitions
GTEC Plasterboard Finishing
GTEC Plasterboard Jointing and Taping
GTEC Plasterboard Screws
GTEC Plasterboard Sealants
GTEC Resilient Acoustic Stud
GTEC Wall Linings
GTEX Suspended Ceilings
Weather Defence

Contact details

Gordano House,
Marsh Lane,
Bristol, BS20 0NE
Tel +44 (0)1275 377773
Fax +44 (0)1275 377737

Alternative contacts

Literature Line
Tel +44 (0)1275 377582
Tel +44 (0)800 373636
Technical Services
Tel +44 800 145 6033

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