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Sorba UK is an independent designer, manufacturer and installer of aluminium, stainless-steel, powder-coated, steel-facade and glass systems. The company aims to ensure a greater flexibility in design solutions, to achieve aesthetic, structural and specialised project requirements.
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Design guide
A few examples of the cladding Sorba did in the UK and Holland.
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Case study
Alpolic Aluminium (ACM) cladding
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Case study
ACM cladding

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Bedford University ACM cladding
detail IBG Groningen (NL)
Film Museum Amsterdam ACM cladding
IBG building - Groningen, The Netherlands
IBG building in detail - Groningen (NL)
Lab Groningen (NL)

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Tiffin Green ,
11 Queens Road ,
Essex, CM14 4HE
Tel +44 (0)1206 766 320