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Sotech is a leading manufacturer of engineered rainscreen cladding and architectural fabrications. Based in the North East but working on commercial projects across the UK, Sotech are the sole carriers of the advanced Optima range of rainscreen cladding systems, which is produced in their on-site manufacturing facility.

Established since 1982, Sotech work closely with architects, installers and contractors from the whole of the UK to understand their needs and provide the most suitable rainscreen cladding solution, with a wide range of materials and finishes available. Their head office also includes a showroom and learning zone that allows clients to see and understand their systems up close.

Able to produce a rainscreen cladding system tailored to design requirements, the Optima range is available in materials such as aluminium cladding, ACM, zinc and copper and Sotech can also provide finishes such as PPC, anodised and ACM to ensure the project is developed in line with the architect’s intent.

Dedicated to excellence in their products, Sotech are committed to continually testing and improving the rainscreen cladding systems they offer. All systems carry full CWCT certification and are manufactured under a quality management system that is accredited to IS09001 and IS04001.
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Product catalogue
Optima clip-on coping provides both attractive and weatherproof protection to parapet and perimet...
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Technical data sheet
Optima FC has been developed as a carrier and panel system allowing for secret fixing of panels. ...
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Technical data sheet
The Optima IPC system is available as a pressed plank in a variety of materials, often pre-finish...
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Optima Clip-On Coping System
Bespoke metal coping system.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling, H72 Aluminium strip/ sheet coverings/ flashings
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Optima Flexi-Rainscreen
A carrier and panel cladding system suitable for exterior use as rainscreen cladding or interior use as a wall covering.
- H20 Rigid sheet cladding, H92 Rainscreen cladding
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Optima Interlocking Wall-Plank
Interlocking metal cladding panels.
- H92 Rainscreen cladding

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