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Special activities, requirements

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Sunewat, energy generating glass solutions for facades
SunEwat is the ideal solution for active and smart glass facades that harness high-quality embedded photovoltaic technology to generate significant quantities of energy while delivering outstanding...
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ROOFTRAK Integrated fixing point system
ROOFTRAK products provide a structural connection through the waterproofing layer whilst maintaining 100% integrity of the roof. Typical uses for these products include fixation for rain-screen cla...
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Stannah homelift brochure - Midilift & Plus
Our Midilift is a small platform and cabin platform lift with single hinged glass door entry. The home lift is installed in its own structure making positioning versatile and economical. It has sim...
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Stannah homelift Piccolo brochure
This home lift looks exactly like a conventional passenger lift, with automatic solid sliding doors on each landing and a generous car size. It certainly adds a touch of grandeur to substantial pri...
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BOYCO UK - Colour Selector Guide
We know how important it is for your project to look good, but there are some real psychological impacts that should be considered when choosing your colour scheme. Traditionally, furniture has be...
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GROHE Bau Cosmopoliton E
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ANS Living Wall Irrigation Layout tank required
This is a typical living green wall irrigation layout where a tank is required and supplied. This is when the living green wall is over 30 square metres.
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Arjo Tailored Solutions for Assisted Bathing and Showering
Arjo integrated hygiene & wellness solutions enable you to provide comfortable hygiene and wellness routines that can be tailored to the unique needs of your patients and residents, helping you...
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Arjo Bariatric Room Solutions
Caring for plus size patients is a substantial and increasingly necessary challenge for todays healthcare providers. This is especially so in the hospital environment, where the increasing populati...
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Arjo Dementia Care Solutions - Centuring Care Around Body and Mind
While caring for a resident with dementia can be incredibly rewarding, the nature of the condition means that as it progresses, many people develop responsive behaviours that can create challenging...
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