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Special fittings

Furniture and fittings for a range of special uses e.g. for prisons, healthcare industry, sports, laboratories.
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Commonly Used Types of Marble
An overview of commonly specified types of marble and their technical characteristics.
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Healthcare solutions
Selection of the correct products has been shown to increase handwashing compliance and reduce cross-contamination. With this in mind, Franke Water Systems offer a comprehensive range of HTM & ...
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Eclipse Chair Datasheet
Datasheet for Eclipse, a chair designed to bring elegance to retractable, fixed and removable seating areas. With wooden accents and beautiful stitch detailing, Eclipse will grace performing arts v...
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Polaris is a unique bench-seat hybrid designed for retractable platforms. The backrests of the benches fold down and rise up automatically as the retractable platforms close, meaning zero set-up is...
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Brochure: Modular stages
Audience Systems' staging range includes hydraulically operated "airstages", motorised stages, scissor leg stages, height adjustable stages and fixed height stages. All are modular an...
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Consensus Collaborative Lecture Theatre Seating
Consensus allows educators to combine a traditional lecture format with group work. Students are seated in booths, each holding 3-6 learners. Each group can either face the front for taught session...
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Converse Collaborative Lecture Theatre Seating
Converse is a seating system designed to help modern educators combine group learning with a traditional lecture format. The chairs swivel through 180 degrees to allow students to form work groups ...
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Recital-T Conference Seating
Recital T is designed for use on retractable or fixed tiering in conference venues. It combines the comfort of a traditional auditorium chair with sharp lines and a clever design which allows it to...
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BOYCO UK - Colour Selector Guide
We know how important it is for your project to look good, but there are some real psychological impacts that should be considered when choosing your colour scheme. Traditionally, furniture has be...
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