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StadiaStrip is a heavy duty anti-slip, insert designed to add a robust anti-slip surface to timber or concrete. Available in two widths; 12mm or 23mm, standard length 1.2 metres. StadiaStrip requires a channel to be formed during the installation process. StadiaStrip decking inserts are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards, guaranteed to deliver many years of use, even in areas with heavy foot traffic. As with all our products, the StadiaStrip has excellent slip resistance or anti-slip properties having been tested to BS 79762: 2002 as advised by the UK Slip Resistance Group. When tested, StadiaStrip with a bauxite aggregate finish delivered an average value of 76 in the wet. In general, values of over 65 indicate a Extremely Low Potential for Slip Category.

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StadiaStrip™ Inserts
Heavy duty aluminium anti-slip inserts.
- Q55 External decks, boardwalks and bridges

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