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For over 25 years Stonehealth Ltd has been providing specialist systems and products designed to effectively clean surfaces and preserve original stonework.

It is well known for the original Superheated water cleaning system the DOFF and also the TORC gentle abrasive system as well as Cleanfilm all of which are supplied exclusively by Stonehealth.

We supply a wide range of other effective stone cleaning and repair products including ‘safe to use’ chemicals and poultices.

We also maintain a list; the “Stonehealth Rosette” of approved stone cleaning companies who have received our training and are using genuine and well maintained systems.

Stonehealth provides consultancy services and feasibility trials for recommendations on best methods of cleaning for a variety of surfaces and present RIBA approved CPDs on the cleaning of building masonry.

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Product catalogue
Clean-Film is a dry cleaning method, ideal for internal cleaning. A thin layer of latex paste is...
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Product catalogue
What can DOFF be used for? The steam/superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other ...
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Product catalogue
How does it work? The TORC system creates a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pr...
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Poultice applied to masonry for removal of carbon deposits, soiling and stains.
- C40 Cleaning masonry/ concrete
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Dry, latex-based masonry cleaner, for internal use.
- C40 Cleaning masonry/ concrete
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Masonry cleaning paste suitable for removal of soot deposits, limescale, grime and stains from many internal and external building surfaces.
- C40 Cleaning masonry/ concrete

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DOFF Recovery System used at Wilmslow Church
Monument Cleaning with the DOFF System
TORC Cleaning at London Paddington Station

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